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Scary Halloween Doors

Written by Debbie Webb With CB Blue Matter
Posted: October 03, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Candice Johnson

Halloween starts at your front door. No matter what happens after your front door is opened, the Halloween thrill begins as trick-or-treaters approach your house. There are many ways to make this experience unforgettable.

Holiday Decor With a Wicked Twist

Just use your imagination and shop at your local dollar or thrift store for your props. Shopping the thrift stores is really perfect because old things look creepier than new. For example, an old holiday wreath (any will do) painted black has a howling effect when hanging on Halloween doors, dripping with “blood.”

Make a ghoulish garland to drape over the door by spray painting it black (if you don’t have one, make one by threading artificial flowers and large leaves onto thin wire). The leaves create a withered look once they are painted. Cover the front door with matte black tinfoil (Rosco matte black cinefoil). Tape foil to the door and decorate with scary items, such as old Halloween masks and spiders. For an extra chill thrill, drip red paint to run down the foil on the door. Hang some paper bats from the porch overhang for a spooktacular scene.

Additional Spooky Touches

Spray paint pumpkins a variety of colors or just stick to black, silver, and gold. Also, small end tables borrowed from a bedroom can be draped with orange cloth and placed on either side of Halloween doors. Top them with illuminated pumpkins, or use planters placed upside down and draped with cloth to look like pedestals for the pumpkins. Let your children decide how to decorate them. They can decide on facial expression for their pumpkins and they can also ” dress” them. An old hat, an old string of pearls, or a pirate eye patch (purchased at a thrift store) can bring a little life to this haunt.

Scatter dried leaves on and around the porch. The crunch on the leaves from little feet can send a chill up anyone’s spine. Check your garage for large chains and pile them on the porch near the pumpkin tables or hang them from a beam of the porch. If you don’t own any, chunky chains can be purchased at most party stores.

Faux crows can be purchased at craft stores like Jo-Anns here in Redding, and when perched around the leaves on the porch, they can give anyone goose bumps. A few spider webs also from the craft store, can make this year a Halloween to remember.

Image Source: StockSnap.io

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