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What do you do after more than twenty-six years working in the entertainment industry? What does a graphic design and marketing professional do when he wants to connect with more people face-to-face more often? What do you do with an unfulfilled desire to make a career change into an industry you knew from childhood you were destined for (but took a couple of detours along the way)? You become a Realtor® and get busy helping people change their lives!

I’ve had a long career in entertainment having worked as a professional in numerous capacities showcasing my skills as a singer on stage, in the recording studio, and on camera. A native of South Dakota, I relocated to Los Angeles to build a varied career in entertainment. I also launched a successful graphic design business helping market client productions in the field of live performing arts, concert promotion, book publishing, and elementary education from coast to coast.

Working for and with more people helping them in a direct, face-to-face environment was my goal when changing career paths. I know homes and have a keen eye for finding quality designed and built properties to match people with the roof over their head in a neighborhood that best fits their lifestyle. The real estate world is full of cookie-cutter agents, assuming there is safety in numbers and holding on to identical and conventional business methods. Not me. I understand that today’s real estate consumer relies heavily on technology in both the purchase and the sale of a home. However, technology may be the centerpiece of my business but it’s not the cornerstone.

There are character traits that I believe are hallmarks of a successful agent – someone who is self-motivated, dedicated, persistent, a strong leader, friendly and accessible.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you work with me is that I don’t pull punches. I am up-front and honest, telling my clients the truth as I see it and not always what they want to hear. An agent willing to fight for you might not always agree with you. A “yes” from me is a “yes” that will have your best interest in the highest priority. I’m a tenacious negotiator and courageously go to bat for my clients when it comes to contract terms and price.

Applying practical knowledge as a property owner, investor, and landlord, I am committed to assisting people I partner with in attaining their personal and investment goals. I use my own experience and foresight to pro-actively address details in the buying and selling processes before they become problems.

A recent “transplant” to Waco but not “new” to the area. I’ve been visiting family here since 1983 but have now happily chosen to make this community my new home. 

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